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What's New?

V0.08 - January 2 2005
You can now allow visitors to upload their own photos with or without admin verification.
Added browser, OS & robot tracking in admin panel
Added notepad in admin panel
Added a lot of security checking on email sections
You can now move photos from one area to another
You can now copy a photo so that it appears in more than one gallery
Added PNG file support
Fixed bug with thumbnail creation in non standard directories

V0.07 - April 2 2005

Fixed the thumbnails not displaying on some servers.
Fixed the photo comments not being displaying on some servers.
Added optional thumbnail comments.
Added option to display full size photo in a new browser window.

V0.06 - February 16th 2005

Fixed [Previous] & [Next] bug when using 'sort by filename' option.
Added option to view photo in a new window rather than the thumbnail window.
Added option to set the number of thumbnail photos displayed per page.

V0.05 - January 2nd 2005

Fixed a few possible comment 'hacks'
Fixed the 'photoorder' bug in setup
Added the ability to auto delete comments over x days old

V0.04 - July 8th 2004

A full list of upgrades isn't available due to a computer crash wiping out my 'work in progress' list.
Fixed a Javascript redirect bug in the comments field.
Funkgallery will now work on servers where register_globals is set to off.
You can now use the file name as the file comment.
Hopefully fixed the problem with gallery names not displaying if they had been reordered.
Added section to edit users comments on photos.
Clicking on the logo now takes you to the main screen.

V0.03 - February 24th 2004

Upload now checks for duplicate entries in the SAME GALLERY as the photo you are trying to upload.
Why only the same gallery? Well this allows you to have the photo in more than one gallery if required.
Added a General Info section to the admin panel.
The order in which the galleries are displayed in the menu list can ne be altered.
Added option to display a thumbnail photo in the gallery menu.
When deleteing a gallery you now have the option of deleting all associated photos.
Fixed bug where modifying a gallery could loose the path to the photos.
Category order can now be modified.
Photo display order can now be set to alphabetical, reverse alpha or order in which they were uploaded.

V0.02 - February 14th 2004

Comments can now be posted on individual photos.
All Comment posting can be turned on or off.
Option to be emailed when a comment is added to the gallery.
Added 2 extra ways of uploading photos

1) Adopt - You FTP upload the photos (and thumbs if no GD library detected) and 'adopt' them into the gallery.
2) Adopt directory - If you want to upload lots of photos in one go simply create a directory in your web space, FTP all the photos and then adopt them into one gallery.

There are assorted other improvments but as I didn't write anything down I've forgotten what I've done :-(

V0.01 - February 1st 2004

First public release

Copyright © 2004 - Colin Birch